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The Middle passage

September 29, 2008


  • 10 to 16 milions Africans were transported across the Atlantic to the America between 1500 and 1900
  • at least 2 million Africans-10 to 15 percent-died during the Middle Passage
  • another 15 to 30 percent died during the march to or confinement along the coast
  • for every 100 slaves who reached the New World, 40 died in Africa or during the Middle Passage
  • in ships, slaves lives in spaces less then 5 feet high
  • horrific odors filled those spaces
  • the most serious danger was dehydration
  • many Africans attempted suicide
  • there was a revolt on one in every ten voyages
  • the Middle Passage between Africa and America usually took more than seven weeks
  • the men were chained together and forced to lie shoulder to shoulder
  • the enslaved Africans were usually fed only once or twice a day
  • the death rate on these slave ships was very high, reaching 25 percent
  • The level of slave exports grew from about 36,000 a year in the early 18th century to almost 80,000 a year during the 1780s
  • slavers usually contained at least 400 slaves, with some carrying more than 700

Little math. Whole middle passage can be done two times per year. And avarage number of slaves on board was 550. So if in 1780s there were transported 80,000 slaves, there were approximately 80 boats tradeing slaves that year. It seems that it is not so big number. But imagine how big were those ships. Those ships were long approximately 35 yard long and their weight was more then 290 tons without load. It IS great number. Imagine that ship full of slaves arrived to American coast averege every 54hours.

If for 100 slaves whose reached America 40 died, it means that just because of slavery died 4 to 6 milions of africans. In WW2 died near 6 milions jews. Almost same number. They lived in comparable conditions. And who is responsible for those deaths? ┬áSomeone may think that slavers. But who hired the slavers? Colonies. Goverment of colonies killed 6 millions Africans just in middle pasage. That’s called genocide. Something like Africans holocaust.

See any difference?